Prop Styling

Taking a shot is building a foundation. We focus on the key elements of the shot and slowly build up the scene, surrounding the food with a selection of items that will help us tell our story -from plates and glassware to furniture and decorative components. Prop styling requires a lot of preparation and organization. We experiment with colors and textures and use our props wisely to be incorporated into our set building with the overall concept. Using surfaces, lighting, props, and fresh ingredients, we expertly set the stage and style the dish to make the recipe look oh-so-irresistible.

When it comes to food photography, prop styling is a crucial step, so the more props you have the better. For us, the sourcing of props is a never-ending story. It’s the story of our life actually. Wherever a prop can pop, there we go! You might find us carrying a huge wooden piece on a Sunday morning or digging for vintage goodies at a flea market. Over time we have created a huge in-house library of props that is constantly updated with new entries and different styles, including plates, bowls, handmade ceramics, glassware, chopping boards and retro cutlery. We have also been building up a wide selection of studio settings and backgrounds, such as windows, surfaces, walls, frames, tiles and floors.