Food Photography

Food photography, two worlds coming together! Derived from the Greek word phos, meaning “light”, photography is literally all about it. On the other hand, food is a whole universe of flavours, aromas, textures, history, moments & memories. Having the technical know-how, the love for food and the vision for creating one-of-a-kind culinary concepts, our core mission is to create emotional food visuals that tell a story and depict the unique personality of each brand. This is why our food photoshoot style is adapted to the art direction and not vice versa. We conceptualise something completely unique for our clients every time.

Putting together your brief, our numerous props and settings, our high-end photographic equipment, our professional food photography techniques and precisely the right amount and kind of light, we can do magic. The magic that makes your food story cast its spell!

Our food photography studio provides daylight set, strobes, high speed strobes (for splashes and crashes), led lighting with super spot special light shaping tools and cinematic reflectors.