Food Videography

As foodies and professional food videographers, we are always hungry for some action on set. A sizzling pan, a tomato splash, a crunchy bite, you name it. Through our holistic perspective in photography, we offer integrated food videography services, bringing your food or beverage products to life with high impact mouth-watering videos that will make them fly off the shelf. With deep understanding of the common challenges that food marketers experience, we create tasteful and wow factor video productions, including tv commercials, stop motion videos, gifs, animations, recipe videos -with chefs or hands only- in our kitchen studio or on location.

Fully equipped with a wide range of in-house props & settings, as well as with special and up-to-date technical and lighting equipment, including Kino Flo, Dedolights and freshnel lights 4K, Super 35 System, super slow-motion cameras, cinematic reflectors, automated mechanical sliders and stabilisation equipment, our studio undertakes A-Z food videography productions, from art direction and shooting to color and editing the final video. Whether you’re a FMCG brand or food retailer, our dream team of specialized professionals will bring on an incredible visual grace to your project, guaranteed to make your brand stand out.